• NYC pawn shop
  • NYC pawn shop
  • NYC pawn shop
  • NYC pawn shop

EZ Pawn Corp - New York Pawn Shop in NYC. Pawn, Buy, Sell your gold, jewelry, electronics and MOTOR VEHICLES. Get fast cash!

EZ Pawn Corp has 14 locations throughout New York City and is rapidly expanding. Established in 1996, EZ Pawn is licensed and bonded by the NYC Department of Consumer Affair. EZ Pawn Corp pawns, sells and buys your items. Bring in your gold, jewelry, diamonds, watches, cars, trucks, motorcycles, sports memorabilia and more to receive an instant cash loan with low monthly interest rates!
EZ Pawn Corp buys electronics, musical instruments, motor vehicles, fine jewelry and more. Visit one of our EZ Pawn Corp locations and receive product information on tons of products and get a free jewelry appraisal while you wait!
EZ Pawn Corp is the perfect location to buy items with great prices. Browse through jewelry, watches, cars, trucks, motorcycles, and name brand guitars to add to your collection. EZ Pawn Corp also offers the latest Apple Products, cameras, computers, tablets, video game consoles, and smartphones . These items are usually "one of a kind" and have been "pre-loved". EZ Pawn Corp will sell the best deal on top quality items. Call your nearest EZ Pawn Corp location to find out what is in stock!

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